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Jackie Langetieg


One more thing. Promise this time?
It may cause a scandal or a drama
at least a little!

The direction you asked about
is in front of you—more foggy
looking but take the bicycle

the pink one
it will keep you alive, here take
this little pink colored ribbon and you will

keep your friend alive.
I will store everything in a box
in my kitchen. This matter may cause

headlines to occur but show them
the chapter in the book—
I agree to your terms.


This time promise
at least a little
to stop looking
in the direction
of scandal

the books all say
avoid the drama
but it doesn't
occur to you
that there is
nothing more
in store
you keep him
front and center
not realizing
your'e in a box

one more thing
he rang that bell
and left your kitchen
on his bicycle
everything then
got foggy

to come alive
with color
you must agree
to return to
where you matter


This time, I promise to be alive regarding this matter.
Not foggy and creating another drama.
I agree, at least a little, to store it all in a box, in the imaginative kitchen. It occurs to me that the color is scandal-ous.
Then, I will head in the directions that matter, with my bicycle facing front as I look for the store of books.
And I yawn, thinking to myself, “is that the doorbell that just rang?”



jumped in the word pool
splashed around in adjectives
dried off with a vowel


"One more thing," she said, hanging onto the worn screen door on her way out the kitchen.

"I think we can agree that everything from today is foggy. Let's avoid a scandal this time, shall we? I don't want the ladies at the Piggly Wiggly store clucking about the drama when I ride by on my bicycle."

It occurred to me I could keep the magic alive, at least a little while, if I promised to keep the matter quiet.

Without looking in her direction, I nodded silently.

I watched her go, kicking up dust down the front dirt driveway, and once she'd passed the mail box, all the color drained from my world.

Left with no choice, I moved a stack of books to the side of the old rotary phone and rang the neighborhood gossip.

Christine Cosenza

my direction
sickeningly sweet
your color
shockingly pink
this promise is a scandal
a bald drama
so alive inside your box
four small walls
and nothing more


What a scandal, a drama
Blowing everything off
To lounge in the fantastic Spring,
Color in every direction

Breathing in oak and jasmine
Feeling very alive, like I matter
Not at least a little guilty or foggy
Without my books and bicycle

This time, I make a promise.
Forget the store, the kitchen work
The people who rang—
And the box of files and bills.

Oh, one more thing—
Put me at the front,
Agree to behold the magic
The only place freedom can occur.


You rang? Feeling down? Deserted? Alone? Take time to recall the last happy thought you had. If you can’t remember it, create one. Replay it as many times as needed. Above all, don’t despair. Agree to disagree with negativity. Everything you think, every thought you entertain, can affect your body at least a little, and maybe even a lot. Foggy brain? Eating kale will move you in a better direction. But if you’re already a healthy eater and you’re looking for something other than food to fuel you, consider doing one or more of the following:
1) Curl up with good books (one is great so more must be better);
2) If you’re green with envy, color your heart a color of your own choosing;
3) Be up front with your family and friends, tell them you need their support;
4) Spend time in the kitchen making something wonderful just for you;
5) Bicycle around Manhattan and think of wide open spaces, then go there;
6) Take some time, this time, right now, to sit quietly. Close your eyes. Go within. Tap into your true self, where self-worth and love reside. Smile. That’s you.
7) Assess yourself with promise. Be positive. Don’t be your worst critic. Be your best, most supportive and encouraging friend.
8) It doesn’t matter what negative things have been said to you over the years, by your mother, your father, your spouse or significant other, your God, your sister, your brother, your favorite professor or even, God forbid, your best friend. Hug a dog and contemplate unconditional love. Take it in by osmosis. Some people may try to derail you. Don’t let it become a scandal. Go within. Again. Meditate or pray. Take your cues from a higher source.
9) Fill a box with slips of paper bearing your own handwritten notes of encouragement. Pull them out to read whenever you’re feeling blue.
10) Leave drama on the big screen. Avoid it at all costs. Take whatever negative thoughts remain swirling around in your head and mentally pour them out into a large bowl. Stir. Let the opinions of others, which carry no weight at all, rise to the top. Skim them off and put them down the kitchen drain under a steady stream of hot water. Watch them melt and disappear.

Feeling alive? Isn’t that all any of us wants? And isn’t that what we deserve? Think of life as a garden. Don’t hire anyone else to tend to your’s, take care of it yourself. And after you pull out the weeds of dissension, consider what you want to plant. Did you know that young sunflowers follow the sun across the sky? It’s called heliotropism. I suspect even on a foggy day, the sunflower knows where the sun is and how to reach for it. Be a sunflower

Wanda Hatton

One more thing about D-Day:
The drama that unfolded on June 6 1944
Targeted tens of thousands of those who enlisted
With no guarantee of returning alive
The only thing that mattered this time
Was to agree with the promise they made
Sticking to the script that they practiced for many months
Despite the foggy coast, the intrepid advanced
Undaunted by enemy gunfire ringing so close
Bravely climbing the looming, almost impenetrable craggy cliffs
Hundreds were hit and fell off while others steadily advanced
Seemingly impossible, each soldier progressed at least a little
Against all odds, the Allies reached the top of the cliffs
Pushing the aggressors back while securing the adjacent towns
Culminating with the end of the war 10 months later.

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