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Oh dear. A butterfly who uses profanity or salty words. Now that will be a challenge fo me! So, " the hell I won't is our prompt!" Well, it's early but here goes....the hell I won't be defined by mental illness or pain!!


Oh dear. I'd like to not be selfish and rewrite my statements, cause it's not about me.
The hell we won't be defined by our mental illness or or chronic severe pain.


oh the hell I won't, here hold my beer. was the only thing that kept popping into my head...LOL

Paula Farrington

The HELL I won’t
Just watch me.
in fact, just watch ALL of US …
We will VOTE.

Barbara Lyons

I will die, but will I die by design, accident, disease or age? If I design my death, then can we say that I outwitted age in its process? Will I have avoided an accident at all costs? Yet if I don’t design it, because I do tend to shirk responsibility, will I take the accidental route of so many others? Will I, while falling out of a lemon tree, foolishly curse myself for climbing the tree before everything goes black? Or will I be caught in the slow-motion delirium of some car collision? I guess I will know when it happens. Will disease ensue? Will I be rotting from the inside out with some insidious ailment, and left permanently grimaced in pain? Or will I fade incrementally into the gray background of senior citizens and go gentle into that good night?


I have tried several times to write something to this prompt. I have many thought and many subjects. None were quite right. I think to myself give it up. The hell I will. See that was not quite right either. I will keep at it till I am happy with my reply. You will never get it, THE HELL I WON'T, Oh I get it.
It is a perfect response to my negative thought pattern. I remember using this in my teen years when people told me I could not do something. I guess I have mellowed or have I been mainstreamed? I now believe this will be my battle cry.
The hell I won't you just watch me!!!!

Linda C

Can’t say why I’m so resistant to this prompt. A very unusual circumstance, to be sure. Mornings, I spend time with the headlines as I drink coffee and make the shift from dream state to what we call reality. And what a confrontation it is, leading me from inner-contentment to outer-outrage. Again, and again I read “what’s up,” in the New York Times, NPR on- line and the BBC. Just the headlines, mind you, enough to see what are the concerns of the day… and always, there are so many, many concerns.

So as I sit with the intention of responding to the prompt, I’m flooded with topics and rants more vehement than I wish to explore in this, my sacred writing space. It is not that I am unwilling to face them - I just don’t want to drag them here, like the unwelcome, half eaten mouse left on the doorstep by a misguided cat. Alas, perhaps I’ll just pass on this one, rather than stir up my ire on such a sunny, beautiful day. But missing a prompt because my comfort is disturbed? The hell I will.


The Hell I Won’t

A few years ago, my brother bought me a mani-pedi (manicure-pedicure for the non-participators) for a special event I was to attend. While I do not remember the event, I will never forget the disappointed look on his face when he picked me up at the salon.

Our eyes locked through the window while I was still in the pedicure snare, the oversized chair intended to vibrate, heat and pamper you to relaxation neverland. I still think about what I must have looked like for him to put his arm on my shoulder and consolingly say, “You never have to do this again.” It was as if he were talking to a seven-year-old girl and not his 48-year-old, older, sister. I answered as though I were seven, and said, meekly, “OK.”

My brother was visiting from New York. As a magazine editor, his world is trends, fashion and style. Even though for the most part I am on the opposite vogue spectrum, my resistance to mani-pedis is more than I may have been born on the drab-fashion side.

For one, I do not find it relaxing. People coming and going, the toxic smells, questionable cleanliness, forced interactions. I feel sorry for the nail technicians bending over, carrying water, and being subjected to the demands of privileged clients. An air of servant-master comes to mind. I have to repeatedly tell myself I am helping the economy. While I will admit there is some relief in being able to read a People Magazine without judgement (my own), overall, I am not comfortable in the environment.

Yes, I could perform the ritual at home, which leads to the beauty and time aspect. Do I feel prettier-more put together-anything with my fingers and toes painted? While I love nail colors—and am impressed with the creativity of the endless new annual tones—the time it takes to polish does not render enough reward. And in the end, that is my truth.

From time to time, when I see a woman my age sporting an expertly executed color bonanza, a familiar twinge of “I should” arises. Then I think about our complex and precarious position spinning through the solar system, while our sun is burning itself out.

I bite my nails (fingers and toes) to a bloody pulp.


She’ll Have it All, Please

hiking boots and sequined shirt
sweet perfumed, grimed with dirt
mountain mansion, seashore yurt

I will!

sun on back and stars in eyes
store-bought donuts, homemade pies
newfound friends, longtime ties

the HELL I won’t…

often silent and sometimes loud
sometimes humble, sometimes proud
often goofy, never cowed

I will
I will
the HELL I won’t!


She tosses a handful of words
into a pepper mill
and grinds them
onto her palate
with a hard shake of salt
and residue from her tongue
Bound together into language
she stains the words
Gentle Spirit Bad Ass Motherf*cker
onto her undershirt
which she wears
like a condiment.

Linda C

Woah, Shelly. Bad Ass writing, indeed!

Christine Cosenza

I will...
make amends in my heart
forgive her tongue so tart
include the bitch in my prayers
splitting the finest little hair
no more, no more
I don't and won't care
not since Sister No Mercy toppled
over the narcissistic apple cart

The HELL I won't...
invite her to my home for tea
because taking abuse isn't my specialty
I'll spit but I won't swallow
no way, no way
I think it's time for the cur to wallow
in a vat brimming with rodent deterrent
and odious bug spray

Am I enraged?
What do you think?
Don't tell me to calm down
and have another drink!

Instead, what will it take
to refrain from eviscerating her
with a fecal-dipped iron rake?
Nay, be careful...
the fortress has been erected
and it has guarded this heart
to awaken it gingerly
and become fully resurrected

Some schisms never mend
fraudulent narcissister
so please don't come back
...ever again


Thanks Linda!

Wanda Hatton

The HELL I won’t !
I will never stop protesting something egregious and detrimental to all.
I have a deep need to feel like I belong to a civilized society
Where respect and decency is the norm

That’s it!
And another point of view
The HELL I won’t stop until we get some peaceful compromise
With consideration and compassion for all
I refuse to capitulate to hard core bullying
Therefore, I need to do the opposite.

I need to be present in the moment
I need to heed my own advice and speak with strength
and discover common sense possibilities
through perseverance, with my eye on the goal
and ‘Be the Change I want to Experience’


The HELL I won't
give up when I
have come so far
and even though
I do not yet see
where I am going
at least I know I
will never go back

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