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How do we do this? Love is obedient to coffee if not to the self. The magnetic potion sends its signal into the morning, and soon the ambiguity of mixed messages is hardly noticed, the dog’s bark goes unheard. Desire has awakened and drawn us forward into the day, the lovely day where there is good ahead and a robust list of all the things we get to do. Do not hurry, do not wait. Saunter toward the pot if your movement is slow at this hour. That’s right. You’re very close. Wake up and start again, for this is the work we love.


This early every day instant espresso coffee. I have expressed my fear of drowning in word pools. I would be under thousands of words and when I would cry out for help, I would only hear a single word in return! Bark! I am taking care of a very big dog who hasn't figured out yet that he doesn't need to stand at the front window and bark to protect me from the entire neighborhood! Purple. I miss Prince. I miss Purple Rain and when Doves Cry. My desire to be a senior sumo wrestler was ended when I failed my tryout, plus, sumo diaper rash is like magnetic! Ambiguity confuses me. I do not have a photographic memory. Wish I did. I could have taken pics of what I've forgotten already!
Why do they always say the big elephant in the room? Couldn't they say big mouse in the room? Green. I do not have a green thumb. I cannot keep plastic plants alive! Corazon sounds like a medication I take- I will check the labels. They say it is good to know what medications I am taking! I don't hear that's right very often. Plane. I'm afraid of flying although I recently tripped on a cord and flew for about 3 feet!

Paula Farrington

The coffee is from Italy.
photographic images
of the sun glowing gold on Tuscan hills
saunter in from cyberspace
reminding me of la dolce vita
yes, the sweet life
the part of my soul
that has taken up part-time Italian residence
in a land renowned for
art, operatic drama, sensual landscapes
ages-old empires and Enchanted Aprils
gives sway to the impulse
to drive 40 minutes to support the
independently-owned and operated Italian market
still ... the great green abundant tropical rains
pouring in daily now
have other ideas
and next thing you know Amazon is delivering Lavazza
(the scary convenience of being able to bring treasured tastes
from around the world to your doorstep in one quick
less-communally-connected click duly noted
and underlined in purple marker
in my journal-of-just-roasted-observations)
now I pause ... anticipating the unsealing
of the vacuum-packed silver foil
Crema e Gusto
ahhhh ....
just the scent of the grounds
t r a n s p o r t s
caffeine corazón
It's the blend of Robusta beans and Arabica coffee beans—
a unique synthesis of flavors bold and easy-smooth—
that's just right
sometimes just smelling good coffee does it for me
the pungent aroma takes me on a Carly Simon "clouds in my coffee-esque" trip
to a soft sunlit piazza,
long rich sips of a 14th century hilltop town
burbling in the central fountains of imagination
while the Mr Coffee pot fills with
the aroma of long-flight adventures ...
a chameleon of cappuccino
reawakens all the blessings
of desire and doings and dailiness
both here and there
right in my own kitchen
the best of both worlds
an espresso style magic
of memory and momentum
poured hot and fresh into my cup
Hello World,
Good Morning.

Barbara Lyons

I love word pools. They invite me to venture into my green zone, a noiseless playground where I juggle illusory nicknacks and empty baskets full of obedient words. They encourage me to saunter away from rigid lines of relentless banter and instead weave fields of invisible fabric. They allow me to scratch away at ambiguity and discern the camouflage protecting the corazon of the chameleon. That’s right, the magnetic embrace of these robust pools is so riveting that I can’t pass them by. Allow me to probe the desires of elephants, decipher the bark of chihuahuas or even leak some of coffee’s intrinsic value onto the pages in the synthesis of morphemes and magic. You may ask, ‘how do I do this?’ ‘How can purple become a machine or words get set on fire?’ And I wish I had an answer for you, but I’m boarding a plane to freedom and the only possessions I have with me are my photographic eye and time to play.

Barbara Lyons

I also love your humor, Ricky!


Thank you, Barbara!


Who knows where I would be today had I not failed that college course in the magnetic synthesis of ambiguity? That was going to be my thesis for my PhD and from there a clear path to teaching that subject. Spelling plane wrong for college freshman, then, convincing them why it was correct. Ah, not to be. An F in that course. A rather large F if I remember the hatred the professor had for me. Then, I wished I could be a chameleon, rather than be so ashamed. Desire at times does not equal our dreams.

Sue Kullerd

Names have been changed in this story to protect people’s ambiguity. The animal names, however, are true and real.
Caitlin’s cat, Mi Mi Corazon (Mi Mi Cor Cor for short) sauntered up to where I was sitting on the couch. I was lost in reverie, sipping my first morning cup of coffee. I hadn’t slept well because Mi Mi Cor Cor and my cat Ryan Gosling Reynolds were playing all night long. In my bedroom. Did I mention ALL. NIGHT. LONG? Why do I volunteer to pet-sit? Probably because I love animals. I would be like the Old Woman in the Shoe, but instead of children, I would have cats and dogs. And they would all get along and be perfectly obedient.
One of my clients wants me to keep her green chameleon while she’s at a 3-day conference. I’ll keep her dog, Shaka, but not her lizard, Leroy Jethro Gibbs. She almost convinced me to keep him…just based on his name alone. But I’ve gotten pretty clear about my pet-sitting population…definitely no reptiles. Of any kind. I’m sorry, I just don’t want any creepy-crawlers in my house. EVER. They’re, well, creepy. One must draw the line somewhere.
If I had enough land, I would board horses, and maybe even elephants. My lifelong desire, you might call it my “vision,” is to live on a farm or ranch and turn it into a no-kill animal shelter and rehab center. I can just imagine the cacophonous symphony of animal noises: barks and tweets, mooing and neighing. It would be like candy for the ears, or a purple, pink, and orange sunset after a hard rain.
I’m returned to reality by a scratch on my face. Ryan’s previous owner de-clawed him, so it feels more like a gentle caress on my cheek. He’s looking at me with his riveting glare, as if to say, “That’s right. I’m hungry, and you need to feed me. Now.”
“Yes sir. Whatever you say, your royal highness,” I mutter as I stumble into the kitchen to pour another cup of that robust magical elixir of the gods that fuels most of my days. I love my kitty….

Linda C

I look at your photograph, sipping coffee, yearning for your company. Today’s sense of loss joins the end of the line… the long stretch of all the emotions made up of all the days since you left.

I’m riveted to grief, like the way desire attaches itself to meaning, I look inside to understand, hovering in ambiguity. This is the time of awaiting acceptance, and the understanding - that from this moment I grow into the greater me.

I will wait, Susan, knowing our shared energy will transport this powerful relationship to that higher place. How do we do it, girl? I reach out my hand across the expansive gap of goodbye.


How do we do this, you ask
But there is no ambiguity here
What it takes is robust love, desire, strong stays
That’s right

It has nothing to do with subservience
or obedience
Rather, committed cooperation
A oneness of purpose

The elephant of course is a given, always a given


I began to scratch the surface of my desire. That's right, no longer an obedient chameleon, I could now see the purple elephant in the middle of the room, draw some lines, and even bark when necessary. Entering into a new robust plane of magnetic "how do we do this?" love, I saunter past the rivet of ambiguity into the coffee shop, the light now green, a photographic moment of corazon synthesis.


Blab blab blab love. Blab blab blab elephant. Blab blab blab purple. Blab Blab Blab Desire. Blab Blab Blab Robust. Blab Blab Blab That's right I have not had my COFFEE yet!

Sanjida Shaheed

She longs for a special kind of love. That wonderful magnetic pull that transcends desire. Each heart obediently following its own route saunters with a secret longing to possess her. Yet they are barely able to scratch the surface of her soul.

Her soul! This is where all lines of ambiguity are erased, and truth reveals itself. But where is the heart that is ready to dig deep?

Each traveler offers her goody bags filled with memories and valour from exotic places. But all she ever wanted is everyday stories of two souls growing together to reveal the vulnerable inner core beneath their robust public appearance.

Christine Cosenza

he had a robust saunter
clad in cosmic purple haze
it's just a jump or a canter
and our genies are riveted
out of a coffee & Kahlua maze
magnetic synthesis
obedient love and desire
his heart was hopped up
like the cat on a hot tin roof
stoking the green-eyed flames
of this seething jealous fire


How do we do this?
Harold took his Purple Crayon
for a walk
and drew his own reality
from his imagination.
When ambiguity sauntered
across his path,
he used his purple crayon
to draw lines of certainty,
like a chameleon climb-scratching
elephant bark.
That’s right,
he navigated by moonlight.
Now get out your crayons
while there's still enough moonlight...


How do we do this?

Let’s start with lines, on the same plane.
No ambiguity or elephant in the room.

I love you.

That’s right.

Not like a purple corazón;
Or a pesky scratch.
This is obedient desire without a bark.

The synthesis of us, works.
We are a magnetic rivet,
A green, photographic chameleon
Robust in our saunter through prairies.

And without coffee.

Wanda Hatton

I love being lazy on hot summer daze.
I don’t need to be obedient to anyone.
I make coffee
And saunter slowly to sit on my back porch
Imagining the plane overhead
Is taking me to a purple paradise in Thailand
Where I communicate with the green sequined elephant
Who is all dressed up to welcome guests into the country
The elephant is all knowing and treated with much respect
He seems to know when to have fun and race out over the waves
With us following tethered to him by strings
That’s right….you heard it here
How do we do this? Its easy.
Just close your eyes and dream.

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