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Walking under the summer night sky is my escape from all those people who won't stop asking why. " why did you leave her?" " why would you leave someone so beautiful who loves you? "
What they don't understand is when she see Angels, I see demons. What they don't get is if a crazy person has a conscience, they won't put themselves upon someone normal. Of course I love her. I left to save her. So she can walk under the summer night sky with someone who sees angels too.

Sanjida Shaheed

Walking under the summer night sky
Connecting stars to make imaginary hearts
This is how I discovered
My love is part of one love.

I learned to fill my pettiness
With the magnitude of creation
This is how I realized
What's below is like what's above.

jill badonsky

Walking under the summer night sky ...
I stepped into the portal of a midsummer's night dream, fell into the scenery of an old English play with sweet talking nymphs and fair and saucy dames,
and started talking in my version of Shakespeare, (which is a lot like the way I regularly talk with a few thees, thous, thines and dosts, a tis, and a t'were, here and there, and an occasional seemeth.

Seemeth to me we could use another Shakespeare right about now to shake up the English language as a diversion to this strange eventful history cruelly everso still in the making.

Alas. Where for art thou, Mueller?


Walking under
the summer
night sky
I wondered
if the stars
feel alone
or cosmically

perhaps both...

Barbara Lyons

It hadn’t been contoured for comfort,
this journey.
Spiked with nefarious manipulation
and a litany of abuses,
shards of fear pierced her gentle disposition
altering, unwittingly, her scope of vision.
Once a bastion of hope, her mental landscape
eroded into dusty rivulets of uncertainty.
She cried a deluge of black,
walking under
the summer night sky.

Christine Cosenza

walking under the summer night sky
inhaling Californian moonlight
breaking apart the sty in my eye
this casual stroll becomes a dance
of self-celebration and inner romance
such a flawless time
to feel so alive
it's all I ever wanted
favor curried and courted
by my gallant lover Orion


Walking under the summer night sky
Hard to reckon it’s not all a lie
Conceivably a mirage of the mind
Or a twist of the weirdest kind

The same thoughts arise
A balance of life and demise
Sweet and sour histories
Rewired with more mysteries

The balmy air still effortlessly flows
With fireflies above and below
Set another breath free
All is as it should be


Walking under the summer night sky
she took a hit from a shooting star.
Now she bleeds stardust
and can shine whenever she needs to.
If you see her,
make a wish.

Wanda Hatton

Walking under the Summer night sky
I am mesmerized by the stars
They surround me with their whispers
The shooting star tells me to pay it forward
And tell someone I am mesmerized by them

Wanda Hatton

Perfect timing, Jill, for those of us asking the same question.

Ann lockridge

walking under the summer night sky I am in awe of the dark skies dotted with stars. The vastness of it all is almost to much. I pinpoint a star to look, at a bright little light among the millions of others. Thinking about life and how we all shine our own light. How in the vastness of universe we all shine in the millions. Wondering if some other creature is pinpointing on my light and pondering.

Linda C

My fingers are walking across the keyboard; scurried words appear under the deadline of this Sunday night's sky-high end-of-term paper grading challenge. The hour of midnight approaches and all is not well... and most certainly... all is not done. As far as I know, tomorrow is still another day, so I'll pick up this stacatto step toward semester's end after some dream-time with two kitties and an air conditioned hum. Good night!

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