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On this date some years ago the most ridiculous thing in the world happened. No one knows about it, though. There was a conspiracy in the household to not tell a soul, so no one ever found out. Then strangely, almost the same exact thing happened a few days later (but a different household). They too swore each other to secrecy, so no one ever found out. As time went by, this same ridiculous thing began to happen more often with more drastic results. Each time the household was sworn to secrecy, and each time it wasn’t long before it happened again to someone else. The moral of the story is: tell your ridiculous things so other people will learn that it’s OK to tell theirs.

Sanjida Shaheed

On this date
A little girl sobbed.

I can't find myself.
She said.

She looked baffled.
And lonely.

She had this look
Of an emotional orphan.

I wiped her tears
With warm compassion.

I let her know
In almost a whisper:
I am here for you
Baby girl!

She looked at me
With love in her eyes,
and a touch of
Quiet confidence.

I am happy that you came
Although you're late.
What took you so long!
She asked.

I confessed.
I didn't have the heart
Or the voice
Or the guts
To protect her.
When I was naive
And younger.

So I kept her locked
In a cavity
In my soul.
Pretending I'm okay.





On that day
I hugged little me,
And promised
Never to leave her

My baby girl me
and the big girl me
Now have a heart.

And a voice.

And the guts
To speak out.

And we vow
Never to shove truth
Under the rug again.

On this date
We have bonded as one.
I have her back,
And she has mine.

And together we're out
To correct history.


On this date
Friends set me up
With a blind date
Home by midnight
Could not be late

They picked the place
Where prices aren't printed
But she was beautiful
Normally I would have sprinted

I'm sure the bill neared a grand
I couldn't even hold her hand
At midnight she thanked me profusely
And left with another man


On this date a peculiar thing happened. A woman stirred her tea, in response to a butterfly flapping its wings somewhere.

There was birdsong on this date. There was deep thought, and a beaver slapped its tail, splashing stinky bog water on the footbridge.

On this date was longing for a feather. A woman on a path found one. She picked it up and put it in her basket, on this date.

There was paradox on this date, the mingling of reeds pushed up through water that reflected sky.

There was metaphor. Liquid sky, airy water.

On this date the reeds tore a hole in the fabric of the universe. There was myth in this collision of ruptures, and from this perspective, this rupture was one woman’s axis mundi, her place of orientation, her cathedral.


On this date a baby smiled, A momma smiled back.
Love flowed.
On this date a husband and wife reunite after a month apart.
Love flowed.
On this date a grandma and grandpa played with their daughters son.
Love flowed.
On this day love flows
It is a good day!

Linda C

On the seventh of every month, I post a Susan-Sky. It is my ritual; twelve skies and she will have been gone for a year. Four seasons of looking upward, to capture a piece of the firmament for my Facebook family, many of whom are grieving, too.

Each photo is like a tiny flag…unfurled electrons marking time. Three images, so far, captured on different days/different times, with a varied presence or absence of clouds. Of course, they remind me of heaven.

Let there be the tips of angel-wings poised just behind the opulent cloud-blossom on the left. May the sounds of all my animals animate the rose-washed sunset square. There, just beyond those wisps of white, aren’t those Susan’s fingertips lazily trailing though the blue?


Everything matters on this date—
Like a pioneer excursion
Or a crossbred pomegranate;
Unmindful the blueprints are for the future.
Ancestors stand vigil, quietly
Observing through walls, books, notes;
Forming opinions with antiquity biases.
They know the futility, the significance.
They know by heart the fervor
And the necessary passage.
Let it unfold slowly, then, second by second,
With wanting and desire, on this date.

Barbara Lyons

On that date, a profusion of punctuation errors stormed into her life. Commas arrived uninvited and out of nowhere, and began bickering with apostrophes. You can imagine the babble which ensued. The emphatic and feisty exclamation mark turned itself upside down and insisted on posing, in a bulgy sort of way, as i. On top of that, she lost her quotation marks making it difficult to discern who said what to whom. To add confusion, her keyboard began to leak slashes and brackets dispersing nonsense. Meanwhile, the question mark fell down in its tracks and inevitably got hooked on innuendoes. And as if that was not enough, a colon collided into her beautiful new mini cooper while texting to his sister, Semi. A date to remember!

Christine Cosenza

on this date
I was running late
half past my own shelf life
a lingering loaf of Italian bread
in a moldy family permeated by strife
I'm a midsummer science experiment
brimming with inexplicable dread
and a ticket to ride
directly into the ocean
balanced on the towering tides


On this date
I hereby declare
That I have moved on
Fully into the beyond


On this date
From now on
every year
I will remember
that writing is
my salvation
and art is salvation's icing
and I vow to
find more appropriate
and now I'm hungry for
a cupcake....
but I'm going to write first.

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