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Sanjida Shaheed

Today is one of those days. I'm struggling to figure out if I should give credit to myself for not responding to thoughts that want me gone from this world, or if I should berate myself for not trying harder to work on my dreams in this 3D reality where deadlines and commitments collide with the despair in my heart, each striving to knock the other party down.

Perhaps I don't need to go through the calculations that should help me foresee if I will be a winner or an epic failure.

Life is simpler than that kind of complex math. And I don't have to worry about numbers that validate my worth. My feelings. My existence.

Life is a simple act of living one breath at a time. Breathe in. Breathe out. The drill is simple.

When we simplify the journey toward the finish line, we get to enjoy each little step. One breath at a time. One step at a time. No matter how seasoned or naive a traveler is, simplicity is an empowering choice for each brave soul who wishes to keep going until they reach the dream destination.


Sending a simple hug your way Sanjida...


Let’s kiss he said.
Yes, let’s K.eep I.t S.imple S.tupid she said.
She could have added a pause or an apostrophe in between S.tupid and S.imple but she restrained herself. She’d rather not complicate things.


You are in the book of life
Your birth
Your death
And all the blessings in between


Everybody think it’s simple, but it’s not. It’s hard work to make something look easy. I’m not complaining, just pointing out the obvious. The obvious is sort of my specialty. In any case, let them think it’s simple. That’s fine. What does that matter? Just do the work, the hard work, and get it done.


It's simple
when your
heart's smile
your guide

Cyncie Winter

It's simple really.
Here, where I live, people stop to let an animal cross the road.
Traffic jams are caused by herds of elk.
We all sit silently, in wonder, watching the magnificence of these animals, slowly wend their way across the road.
So the other day on my way to work, when I saw a deer begin to cross, I began to blink my lights furiously to warn oncoming cars of what was happening.
But they came on too fast. I screeched to a halt, my heart stopping in my throat. Suddenly, they all stopped.
Behind the deer, came the tiniest fawn imaginable.
In that simple moment, my heart broke open.
As we passed each other, people reached their hands out, saying Thank You.
I couldn't see because of the sun.
In that simple moment, I came back to gratitude and love for what was really important.

Linda C

It's as simple as breathing in and breathing out,
meditation is, she said.
But what about the thoughts tumbling around
like a toddler just off a merry-go-round,
and the ache in my left hip, the sound of the
ceiling fan; what about the late payment left
on the table at home?

Keep an eye on the toddler and enjoy the way
the mind does what it does, but pay no further
heed. Shift your posture - no need for pain,
meditation is your friend. Find the om in every
sound, primorial, beautiful; it follows the beat of
your heart. That payment rests on the edge of
consciousness. Claim it later, after this moment
of calm. Sink into the truth of your natural state:
all is well.

Wanda Hatton

My simple way to calm the overwhelm
Keep it simple and somewhat silly, eh?
The Summer solstice is still shining
With flowers making scents of it all
The seagulls are soaring
In a semi sleepy Sunday

Christine Cosenza

precious fusion
of simple pleasures
in catharsis & sweet measure
my tidings of Solstice solace
walking through the heather
all the way to the edge
beyond the rocky shores
upon the promontory ledge
when circular time is nigh
and pelagic winds are high
I mesh with the melodic hull
of my love song to a seagull
vanquishing winter's curse
she's an incessant northern star
guiding me to the final verse


Playing with grandbaby. Such simple things fascinate him. Watching him be fascinated is just simply a pleasure to me.


Just open the package, take a bite of the dark chocolate with almonds and your world becomes rich, chocolatety, and satisfying for about a minute or so. But what a minute it is. It's that simple.

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