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Dawn Kotzer

ha-ha! I'm In.
So there indeed..
Software' properly installed, me thinks.

I've been meaning to 'Stop' in here for a long, long time.
I used to know the way...could find it in the dead of a "Tricorn Black' night
Then months ago, I headed out towards 'Somewhere', took a shortcut at 'Gold Hint'...BAM! call me 'Navajo White'...I got very, very lost.
Ended up between 'Shell White' and the other 'Shell White'.
You know the place- there's a big sign that says,
"Hay Lady! You're Lost! Kiss the 'Blue Sky' and hit the 'Keystone Grey'. Keep writing."

Instead, I decided to take a little rest...I admit, settling down in the middle of a 'Garden Sage' smudge to keep the mosquitoes at bay while I had a wee meal of 'Nasturtium' Salad and a glass..OK, make that a bottle of 'Wine Mystery', might have slowed me down a bit.
Guess I should have had some 'Java' instead.

but here I am...bad story and all.
Metaphors mixed for the 'Sheergreen'&'Mink' of it, my 'Dignity Blue' barely intact, I greet you with 'Rave Red' enthusiasm.

'Edamamme?' Yes, please pass the sushi.

Linda C

Consider the Long Walk of the Navaho,
White soldiers marched them eighteen days,
Two hundred died traveling earth’s garden,
Sage was burned but on they marched
Holding on to dignity,
Blue skies blanketing their loss

Laura A Eschbaugh

Watercolor class 101

Hello everyone

No Ms. Shell is feeling a bit under the weather-

My name is Ms Mink-

Yes I have taught before, in fact if you look at your book you will see I-

Very well, please everyone take your seats


If you would be so kind and wear your nametags, it will

Yes, you can go and make a new one

(How can seven adults be so annoying - steady girl)
People, People we have only one hour—

Take out the your blue, red, green, yellow, black and white tubes of paint

They were supposed to be purchased before class
Didn't Ms Scott tell you what this lesson was about- no— go and purchase your supplies—quickly!

Yes, rave red will suffice for red

(Honestly, you would think grown adults could follow—)

Yes Mrs. Somewhere--- only those colors— we will use the other colors on another day

Today we are going to paint a beach scene. You will be using the paper you prepared in last week's class.

Yes that paper— I believe you were told to leave it here. You took it home—to show your wife

(I suppose he wants me to pull one out of my blooming'....now)

Mr..... what interesting handwriting you have— you can use an untreated piece of paper for today's lesson

You bought Navajo white- you didn't want to use Chinese white and support slave labor — really one has nothing to do with the other. Navajo white has a slight—

Navajo white will do just fine in today's lesson.

(I am counting to ten then I will scream- I know I will scream)

Now put a dab of each color in one slot on your pallet - Put the black in one of the slide slots and the white on the opposite end.

Red - no Stop- Mable please you won't need that much - You like red -

(Flaming red hair, red lips, red scarf - do you think you could stop with the red)

No, don't use the center space; we will mix the colors in that space.

Yes, you can wash you pallet and start again.

(Please let the Muses strike these people with just a smattering of creativity)

Now with your small palette knife take just a dot of the blue-

What - your blue is not the same as - you bought dignity blue because it matched your eyes

Ok everyone listen up - it does not matter if your blue is called dignity blue or your yellow is called keystone or your green is sage- we are going to mix colors and each of you will have your own Unique painting. In the future, please ask for assistance at the counter and purchase the supplies as requested

Now back to the blue, with your toothpick pick up a little white and stir it into the blue dot until you have a blue-sky color

I know it is cloudy today but you can remember what a blue sky looks like

After you have mixed your paint to a color, you like taking your 1/2" flat brush dip it in the water

Yes, I set out water at each station.

(Blind in one eye and can't see out of the other and he wants to paint)

Put the brush in the paint and

Yes, you want some water on the brush

(Thus the term water color you ninny)

You will paint the top half of your paper to approximately
You painted the bottom- You can turn it around at this point so it is at the top

(Lord, just shoot me now)

Yes, there you go- the color washes the paper giving you the semblance of sky.

Now we are going to add some water in the center - here you can test out mixing some green with your blue, a little black-

Yes, your water does look like the java they serve in the deli- you wanted stormy looking water- with a bright blue sky

Clouds - yes after the basics if you want to add clouds you may.

(30 minutes- I have to stretch this out 30 more minutes)

Finally, we will add a beach, here I would suggest using a combination of red, yellow and black to make a base color and then add white to get the sand color.

Experiment Mr. Tible- beaches come in— you never have been to a beach—you have seen pictures—
There you go, use that as a reference point- create your own beach- any color—

You what your sand to be alabaster— with rocks, and garden sage growing on the edges

You want to know if Edamame peas grow near the beach — because that is the color, you made

Are you sure you add added green - you wanted a sheer green- not to be confused with your sheer blue

Well class look at what marvelous work you have accomplished. We will continue next Friday adding detail

You want to put a hint of gold in the sand— so your painting sparkles

(210, 211, 212,215,216)

Next Friday —clean you brushes and dry them before you go

Sir, please clean that glob of - Yes it does look like tricorn black hat- but you need to clean it up.

Why thank you Mrs. Tran- it was for Ms. Soft the first instructor— Wine— Wine Mystery. Well they haven't said anything about next week's class —Yes; I will come back if they ask.

(Silence- blessed silence- A glass of wine would go a long way - next class is in three hours--- son-of-a-gun these really aren't too bad—
maybe Friday)

Karen Bayly

1,2, 3, Testing - I've had five attempt at posting a relatively short piece with no success. So this is a test.

Karen Bayly

Tried to post again - still no joy. Yet these short test messages are getting through. Hmmmm ...

Linda C

This has happened to me Karen. Mysterious. If you send your writing to Jill, she can post it for you. Looking forward to your reading your work!

...and Dawn, how great to see you here, as always!



Rave Red challenged Dignity Blue to a duel under the Blue Sky. Unfortunately, Dignity Stop(ped) Somewhere for a Gold Hint of Wine Mystery while Red Rave Stop(ped) for a quick hot Java. No contest. Rave won, Dignity zero. Now stay tuned for Garden Sage eats Edamame.

(I hate hate hate word pools. So, it's interesting this color chart should turn into one. Go figure...)


Mauve is not your name.
Maeve is no ordinary name.
Embrace the color as you,
the perfect potporri of
earth and violet.

Maeve vibrates Celtic Kelly Green,
not the across-the-Channel
Charteuse, faux canary yellow
blended with neon grasses
into a sticky licquer bottled
by moss-hooded monks.

Jave is not coffee but
a dove gray strand of
volcanic pearls housing
molten garnets waterfalls of lava
wrapped and camouflaged
in the twinkling steps of
emerald rice.


so many colors...exciting shades with intriguing names set my imagination into picturing an exotic new wardrobe of lively spring clothes. will it be software, dignity blue, sheergreen or nasturtium that livens up my closet? no STOP at Tricorn black for methinks again once again i'll be wearin' Johnny Cash' favorite the most.

Karen Bayly

The Highwayman doffed his black tricorn hat.

Thought I'd try the first line.

Linda, I sent it to Jill yesterday ... thanks.

Diane O'Connor

Rave red is the life force in my body. It is what pulses through my veins, so that my thought processes will continue to work, which will keep my imagination alive, and my thoughts will continue to grow and multiply and time will go by without my knowing it and soon this will all be in the past and I will be where I'm supposed to be and doing what I'm supposed to be doing.


I must be full of bull, because there's something about that colour red. I hate it. I'm not even conscious of it, but I avoid it from everything from my wardrobe to the planet (living on Mars never appealed to me, I'll take ol' blue and green everyday).

I don't know what it is. I avoid conflict, even cringe at a raised tone, but put me in a red room and I become I am Jack's, without the "Heeeere's Johnnnny!"

I think it's not just red, I dislike, but the whole firey family- the reds, yellows and oranges too. Passion? Perhaps only passion for putting out the fire.

Wanda Hatton

The color of Wine Mystery evokes pleasant memories of walking through the vineyard in Sonoma, mesmerized by the undulating vines as far as my eye could see. It truly is a mystery how those grapes on the vines can morph into the most delectable liquid, from the first taste on my tongue, trickling down my throat in the most sensuous way like the warmth of a blush. When I drank my first glass of wine, I seemed to have a sixth sense of my surroundings, looking out of rose colored glasses. There is nothing like sharing an exquisite glass of Cabernet Sauvignon and a small plate of hor d’oeuvres to bring out camaraderie with friends. There is nothing like an ice cold Chardonnay after shopping with a friend for hours and settling into a nice sidewalk café in the middle of summer. There is nothing like the pop of the cork from a bottle of Zinfandel while my husband and I slowly savor our way through several dinner courses and reminisce about our past travel adventures. Wine is the catalyst to savor the tastes and essence of life in a most delightful way.

Jocelyn Brown

Les Jeunes

Java brown. Garden sage green. Yellow Brick House.
Rambunctious days spent at Sarah's and Rita's.
Man, landing on the moon. Grainy on the screen.
Alabaster black. Software grey. Somewhere cream.

Edamame. Blue sky. Red rave.
We embrace old Army jackets, embroidered.
Surplus store finds,embellished with girlish patches.
Nasturtium. Sheer Green. Stop red.

Golden rod. Dignity blue. Shell white.
Whimsical freedom found amidst Rotel Dip and Dr. Pepper.
Self-discoverers, sporting moccasins and elephant leg pants.
Alabaster white. Gold wing. Wine mystery.

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