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Laura A Eschbaugh

Cracked shells glued to green
Scuttling crabs, gull circles
Wind finally a whisper

A faint image, wavers, dips below the horizon then reappears riding the waves. She waits trying not to blink— holding that speck on the horizon. The sea will not claim him if she stands true, willing him home.
She refuses to look below. Down at the small spit of sand encircled with jagged raw rock. She refuses to look at this storms bounty, beaten with its fury, tossed ashore to warn, to remind all who rules.
She stays holding close to herself willing the mast, the sail to reappear at the edge of her world. She blinks, and then closes her eyes, her soul races out over the waves, past the headlands, racing to the point. She searches for the Wandering Jack, for her wandering love.
She holders herself close— stands her watch


Feet firm rock holds fast
Wander like the Albatross
Mind flies body is still

Focus inner lens
Wander not, all is serene
Churning thoughts float by

Wander past maelstroms
Greet each breath returning sage
Be now by the lake

Linda C

my pointer finger wanders clumsily over the keys and i count my blessings:

one, yesterday's surgery went well, despite the last minute surprise that sedation wasn't possible due to my poor ol' compromised airway;

two, the mantra sustained me while doctors worked magic on other side of a sterile blue tent, excising the broken hammate bone in my numbed left hand;

three, i'm right handed. the sun is shining and now i'm on the other side of surgery-ville. a cat sleeps at my feet, and words have come to play. how wander-full, indeed!

Karen Bayly

Jagged mountain peaks
Tear tears from my hollow eyes.
The lake cries with me.

I come here often.
I am alone, not lonely
At one with my pain.

Steampunk style is grand ...
I think my coat looks awesome.
Emo Goths rock, dude!

Wanda Hatton

Twinkle and wander little star
How I wonder where you are
Escaping the fray, you are so wise
Dodging solar flares in the skies
Gabrielle sings your song all day
Out in the world while she is at play
But how will she greet you to say hi
If you are elusive to her eye
Wishing for her, I wait and scan the haze
For any glimpse of your gift to amaze
Please wander the sky and twinkle tonight
Gabrielle will throw you kisses before sleeping tight

Jocelyn B.

Wandering Hearts

Her heart, now, broken.
From the moor, she hears,"Please stay!" .
Head turns oceanward.

Jocelyn Brown

"I wonder as I wander..." The song echoes through my mind. Ahead, the rabbit trail through the dense scrub calls me forth. I walk the narrow aisle in the wood. Katydids zing loudly in the treetops.

Circumambulation was easier when I was a child following this winding ways in the forest trees. What wonders would my wandering feet lead me through, this splendid evening?

Even now, as my eyes greet old stalwart sentinel trees, God's presence flows from every bending blade, waving branch, and bobbing bird. Forward, I stride. With each step, Mother Earth reaches up, touching all life in the forest. Then and now, nature heals all wounds of the heart and soul. Past and present merge into timelessness, with the setting of the sun over the ancient hills.

Kathy K

Wander, wand, maestro's baton...

Dithering, dizzy
Notes fall under the wand's spell
Music gathers, swells


If he wandered off and got lost,
what would happen?
Would he find his way back?

My mind wanders, gets lost,
always finds its way back.



Hover wind song breeze
Along landscaped valley deep
Into thoughts of you

Kissing snow capped
Peaks, coldness caressing toes
Jump into slide

Tumbling rocks and snow
Come to rest the valley's floor
Smiling at the sky


I wander into the night sky for a Taurus journey
arrogantly we soar
horns and head swing
hooves rain comets on mortals below
Scorpius coils its tail, enraged
no match for the bull
she tucks her stinger, bows, waves us through
Orion runs with us now
takes the lead, dodges meteors
Great Dog Little Dog Hunting Dogs nip at our heels
Achilles joins the fray on the far side of the pups
Lepus the Hare springs up, twists
full body shake
loosens tiny stars
glitter dust
Pegasus joins the chase
wings pulse a tango rhythm
the Gemini Twins are tantalized
they do not resist
we rest at the rim of Big Dipper
drink deeply
exhausted we fall
at the feet of beautiful Andromeda
she wraps us in the Aurora Borealis
we sleep as dawn breaks
and dream in color


She stands alone still
rooted to the rocks looking
for the one she lost

the open space calls
the woman to its comfort
peace resides in death

windswept waters greet
the early morning wandering
she smiles at the day

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