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Linda C

There are many ways to glimpse the face of God. We can ‘Om’ our way there, or find it in prayer. We can turn to a drop of dew or to an expanse of star-strewn skyway.

But I say the best way - to meet Yahweh - is to pet your cat.

Not that absent-minded pat when your cat finds you flipping through a Sky Mall magazine as you sit on the commode. Nor the casual scratch behind the ears as the two of you watch reality TV.

I mean PET YOUR CAT. Look deep into those eyes and let your intent be known.

My black cat Bindu will perk up and whisper “really?” as my eyes offer promise. He darts to the back room, the one with celery green carpeting. I follow him, and by the time I cross the threshold, all four legs are raised, bent and beckoning, the sweet white fur of his underpants begging for a good rub.

Bindu rolls, picking up lint and static electricity with each caress. He is the picture of bliss. Eventually, he lies very still on his back, eyes looking blankly to the side while I pat that big Buddha belly. We are entranced, the feel of his silkiness singing in my palm. He shifts and stretches, his look a combination of gratitude and connection that takes my breath away. We are caught up in the pleasure of pleasure itself, loving the moment with no thought of the next.

This is one path to enlightenment. The face of God has whiskers. The heart of God purrs.


Prompt # 221

Write a prescription that encourages and nourishes you. Or one for developing creativity... or really for whatever ails you. Use short sentences and you can even use illegible handwriting.

Prescription #1
Surround yourself with beauty each day.
Do this for a week
Continue for a month
Live it forever
Take all the words you know
Put them in a scrambler machine
Scramble them
Dump them out
What emerges?
Breathe in deeply
Starting at your toes
Until the air pops out of the
Top of your head
Smile ‘cause air can’t do that
Try again

Karen Bayly

Trace the tracks of your tears – each goes from grief to somewhere you want to be.
Watch each tear evaporate into thin air – let your sorrow evaporate with each tear.
Eat good food. Drink good wine and great coffee.
Love good people.
Commune with animals – they're happy to talk.
Never say never.
Just write.
Take a photo with your camera – or your phone.
Draw, even if you can't draw. Especially if you can't draw.
Examine the minutiae of life. It is beautiful.
Always strive to see how the minutiae makes the big picture.
It too is beautiful.
Be kind to others.
Be kind to yourself.

Jocelyn Brown

A Curious Circuitous Cure: A Rigorous Whimsy
An excerpt....

When inhaling frozen haste; weep flower petals and bees' dander.
Catch the wind caressing the earth.
Drink air, spiked with wind chime jazz.
Sniff butterflies' toes.

Talk to clouds' shadows on dappled mountains.
Listen to the earth through your feet.
Smooth pools of moonrise full of muddied illuminations.
Kiss your own heartstrings.

Caress breezes with your fringes of eyelashes.
Shiva-hum to the winds while surrendering wholeheartedly.
Waft through each aspiring moment as a wispy shaft of light.
Catch your heart's overflowing joy in crystal dessert stems and serve to Mother Earth with a scoop of OMmm or OMG.

Exhale timeless stardust laughter beset with prisms of rainbows.
Promenade with sandpipers.
Sip mocking bird melodies.

Repeat as necessary, while grasping ocean mists.

Wanda Hatton

WH Prescription:
When calling a friend to make yourself feel better
And getting their voice mail
Hang up but keep phone in your ear and say, ‘hi, it’s me, just being silly.’
Release pent up frustration by talking to a photo of a smiling child
Ask them what they would do in this situation
Imagine them sitting on the sidewalk curb
Listen closely as they give their advice
Take it and thank them
Go to the playground
Laugh and play

Diane O'Connor

Take a walk on the beach.
Let the sound of the waves clear out all the mental chatter.
Enjoy the quiet within.
Breathe deeply.
Allow calmness to overtake you.
Stay in the moment.
Feel who you are.
And know you are unique.
No one else can capture the essence of you.

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