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~ Hairisms
Hair today - gone tomorrow.
My daughter's wedding was a hair-raising event. In the hotel suite, I witnessed an amazing array of cosmetological wonder. Nails, hair, dresses, champagne and starbucks. I never realized how important hair prep is on a wedding day. As we looked at all the photos, one thing was perfectly clear. My hair was perfect. I attribute this to Jimmy Johnson. Former coach of the Dallas Cowboys and now a football commentator. I was always amazed how on the sidelines during hurricane force winds, JJ's hair would not move. It was cool. I have researched hair products and found this to be quite the industry. Hold ratings by description or numerical codes. Gels, spray, wet, dry. Finally after months of research, I found the perfect product. On the number scale it is a 5. I have perfected it to match the finest spray paintings.
My hair dresser? Yep, I go to a chick salon because she knows how to cut my hair except for the time she was talking non stop and sliced off a section on the side of my head. She didn't notice until she was done. I told her I didn't leave my house for 4 days and then had to wear a hat. Of course, that wasn't true. I could care less. That section was plastered perfectly and yes, I do use only Pantene.


In Jeanne’s Chair

reflecting each other
we smile,
our hair worn
kind of a simile,
our looks as alike
as two peas in a
bold streaks of grey.
at our age
it’s hardly a shock
yet we rock it with
bountiful curl
kinda girly gone girl.

we’re also both writers,
in the way our words
spill like shampoo
from the bottle,
full throttle.
she helps me to gather
amid scent & lather
the voice within
that critical shout.
I leave her chair taller
wanting to tell her
that she’s a hair healer,
no need -
she knows.


Bad writing about Bad Hair.....
One improved with loss of control while the other suffers.
Can I blame my bad hair for my bad writing?
Bad is good - sick is awesome!
but bad hair is never good. Yet sick writing can be very awesome.
Bad life can create some great writing, but will probably still contribute to very bad hair.
Bad hair attracts bad days. Yet, with bad writing - who cares?
This is so bad, I can even stand it. Guess I'll go try to do something with my bad hair!


Maria refused to go out with Juan because of his hair lip - he had a mustache.

When Juan heard this he had a hair-erasing experience - he shaved.

Maria agreed to go out with him the very next day. A case of hair today, Juan tomorrow?

Nan Scarborough

Dear Nan, I've tried. I really have. You make it extremely difficult to be nice to you. It's not just the scissors, which are painful enough. It's more how you talk about me, as if I have no feelings. Perhaps you are under the misguided belief that I cannot hear you. Well, let me tell you, I am all ears. Which brings me to my next point. Your ears. You cut me so short that they show all the time. Who thought that was a good idea? And the purple streaks. Really? You're 55, for God's sake. Maybe you could try covering all of that grey. I'm just sayin'.

Okay, I know I've been a bit blunt; but, who can blame me? There is more to life than framing your face. I've been with you through thick and thin - the least you can do is consider me next time your hairdresser pulls out the ol' razor.

Anji Hatfield

Dear Hair,
Today I'm too sexy for you and your stubborn ways and so I'm wearing a hat.

Dear Anji,
I'm wild and carefree, you're a chicken. Go on, cover me with a hat... you're the one missing all the fun!


Sorry, just realized how long that was-yikes...

Jacki Whitford

I have posted my story Hormonal Hair Rising five times in the past few days and it seems to disappear. Any thoughts on how to fix it would be appreciated.

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