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This is something that is hard to explain to the un-sensitive. I am the creative partner, I gave up trying to explain or interpret things to my husband. As much as he gave up, trying to tell me how great that old western was...LOL

IF I was a sensible person I would have gone to bed by now, luckily I am not and came downstairs especially, I now know, to read about the plump lady and the seesaw (and Cecil of course). Now I really am going to bed with a big smile on my unsensible sensitive face.


love Jane

So glad it helped.
I can't tell you how many times I've heard, "Oh, don't be so sensitive."
It IS hard to explain, we just need to protect ourselves with our imaginary shields and exalt all the gifts that sensitivity gives us.

I have heard that same phrase...'stop being so sensitive', as I was growing up. It made me feel so sad, I would weep.
I am looking forward to wrapping up a 'treacherous mind storm' thought in your story of the shiny gift, the seesaw, the seagulls and the smiling turtle. Thanks so much, Jill.

Amazing to hear someones else describe how my thought processes work. Thanks for the tips.

This is so me and I am happy to know that Cecil is there waiting to be fed. I so enjoyed this, thanks!

the nice thing is, every time I get to think about Cecil, I'm smiling just like he is.. which is welcomed in the midst of working with a treacherous thought :)

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