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I just purchased the book the other day, it's awesome! I've been in such a funk lately. Reading the first few days that I've had it has changed my attitude. I love this book! It's by my alarm clock and I read it after I hit the first snooze button. It's a must-have!

Blogs are good for every one where we get lots of information for any topics nice job keep it up !!!

Jill, I don't know where else to ask this question, so I'm going with the first "comments" space. I remember you wrote that the first and second printings of The Awe-Mananac have lots of typos. (I have the first, and, yes, it does.) You said you're hoping for the third printing to have the typos fixed. When will a third printing be available, and can we specifically order that printing from you, or from somewhere else? I'd like to have a "cleaned up" edition. Love the book! It is wonderful! I've given a copy to a friend (typos and all! ;-) . Thank you for the delightful and provocative book and for this blog!

Oh, I love this blog! Just found you via facebook. I'm linking in right now.

I just ordered your book Jill, I can't wait to Awe-spired!

Hey Jill-

I'm totally enjoying your website: the design, what you have to say on the subject of creativity and the artwork you display ;). I've placed a hold at my local library on your Nine Muse book and can hardly wait to get my hands on it. If I find it to be as inspiring and energizing as the description and reviews make it sound, then undoubtedly it will be one that I purchase and add to my personal collection.

There is much that I resonate with here on your website but, what I think I was especially looking for, and finally found, were the words on the page introducing you. The passage that stated that we were all born to be creative is what I've been saying for years. Somehow the knowledge of that truth is something that I always look for in a potential teacher/mentor. The other thing, for which I was not looking, but definitely needed to find, as a barely baby-boomer(born in 1960), was the passage that nailed me on my own lack of self discipline and my own attitude that if it(whatever I'm attempting) doesn't come easy, then there must be something wrong with me.

I'm thrilled that I discovered you-via the comments I read on a post of another "striving to live creatively" person's blog that referred me to yet another blog where I found a recommendation for your Muse book-and I'm looking forward to gleaning more encouragement and inspiration from your website.

Who knows, maybe one day I'll end up taking one of your training courses for creativity coaching. I happen to believe that the more each of us taps into and develops our innate creativity, in a life-affirming way, the more likely it is that our human race will start moving in a more life-affirming direction.

Well thanks for doing what you do. I'd sure love to learn more about how you came to be a creativity coach.

Take care and Happy Creating!!

Hi Helen,

I just saw this. Thanks for posting it, and happy creating back atcha!

Have merry moments all year long,

Just purchased your book today.. and found this blog! I am so happy!

I just wrote about you in my blog and I linked to Amazon, was not aware you had a blog I will link it.
This book is part of what made me happy this week.

yay! just bought your book and was doing a search to link to it from my blog and found you here! what a wonderful spot to visit again and again!

I had a hard life trying to get out of my family's negative and destructive patterns. I've seen therapists after therapists, talked, wrote, kept it inside, screamed, cried, laughed.... I've tried everything to get out of the dark thoughts but nothing ever worked.

Last year, I ended up in an old book store on one of my random road trips. Your book literally fell on my head while I was trying to view another. Instead of putting it back on the shelf, I took a look....

I ended up buying it and it changed my life. It saved me from destroying myself and others...

I want to say a big Thank You for this very simple book...it IS a daily dose of wonder....

Awesome and congratulations! I'll definitely go out and get a copy. I just started my own site with the same premise and love finding like-minded people!

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